Friday, November 16, 2012


                    KING FAISAL.
Shah Faisal was the second son of King Abdul Aziz of Sauid-Arabia. He was born in 1907 after completing his education, he started taking interest in the affairs of the state. He was made governor of Hijaz when he was only twenty years old He also served as the Foreign Minister of his country and held the command of the Armed forces
     When his father died he was made the Crown Prince and Prime Minister in 1958.He was made the king of his country in 1964.when his elder brother fell seriously ill He ruled his country wisely and justly, Saudi-Arabia made a great Progress in every field under his rule.
            He devoted himself to Islam and led a simple life. He possessed great qualities of leadership. He strengthened the Arabs in the war against Israel. He was a sincere friend and well-wisher of the people of Pakistan so many Pakistanis are working in Saudi Arabia
           He was martyrized by a wicked nephew of his on March 25,1975, He lived like a soldier and died like a martyr. It was a great loss for thr whole Muslim world. May his soul rest in peace