Friday, November 16, 2012


                    KING FAISAL.
Shah Faisal was the second son of King Abdul Aziz of Sauid-Arabia. He was born in 1907 after completing his education, he started taking interest in the affairs of the state. He was made governor of Hijaz when he was only twenty years old He also served as the Foreign Minister of his country and held the command of the Armed forces
     When his father died he was made the Crown Prince and Prime Minister in 1958.He was made the king of his country in 1964.when his elder brother fell seriously ill He ruled his country wisely and justly, Saudi-Arabia made a great Progress in every field under his rule.
            He devoted himself to Islam and led a simple life. He possessed great qualities of leadership. He strengthened the Arabs in the war against Israel. He was a sincere friend and well-wisher of the people of Pakistan so many Pakistanis are working in Saudi Arabia
           He was martyrized by a wicked nephew of his on March 25,1975, He lived like a soldier and died like a martyr. It was a great loss for thr whole Muslim world. May his soul rest in peace  

Saturday, September 15, 2012


        LUCKY GRAY                        
               LUCKY GRAY A beautiful child lived on a wild ground with her parents she had no friends one day her father asked her to go to the town to bring her mother sotrm was expected at night so lucky,s father gave her a lantem to have light on the way lucky started from the town it was snowing the storm came before its time luchy lost her way.
                                                                        IN the morning luckys parents searched for lucky every where luckys mother saw luckys foot prints in the snow, lucky father followed those foot prints they came to a wooden
               BRIDGE across a stream lucky had drowned in the stream                     SOME people say that lucky is still alive her presence can be felt when the wind blows over the wild country the whistie of the wind is luckys song 

Friday, May 18, 2012


                    THE WASHERMAN
THE WASHERMAN IS A USEFUL member of our society   HE maintains a shop people give him their clothes for washing He marksthem differently for different customers when he receives the washable clothes he gives the person a receipt.
        He goes to a nearby pond or tank to wash these clothes AT first he washes the clothes with boiled water soap and etc After washing the clothes, brings them back to his shop or his house. Where his wife and children help him iron these clothes on the given time the customer comes returns the receipt. Pays the money and takes away the clothes
           The life of a washerman is not an easy one He has to work in severe cold and scorching heat for urgent washing his charges are more than the charges for ordinary one.  


WLLKING IS very useful to or health ,
A morning walk makes a man healthy and strong since my boy hood I get up early in the morning and set out of my house about an hour before the sun rise I go up to the river bank in the way I enjoy very much when I see the green fields full of dew-drops the cool breeze very gently in the morning it fill my heart with pleasure.
          When I reach the bank of the river I see the river flowing and waves dancing I take light exercise and come back on the way home I see the farmers and their cattle going to the fields the cocks are crowing and the birds are chirping in the morning.

Monday, April 16, 2012


Helen keller is a wonderfull lady she was born in a little town in the united states of America in 1880 When she was only two years old she fell dangerously ill and became blind and deaf

             When she was seven years old a lady Miss Sullvian was asked to look after her Miss sullivan had become blind whenhewas a child later on she got her eyesight back she taught Helen to read and write Helen also graduated from the Harvard University Hellen was able to speak again by doing many exercises when she studied in a school for blind children

          She came to pakistan in 1956 when she was seventy Six she came here to help the blind and deaf she had devoted her life to serve these people

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


KARACHI IS THE BIGGEST city and seaport of Pakistan it was a small village when Mohammed bin Qasim conquered sind some thirteen years ago NOW it has become the biggest city of Pakistan having  1 one karore  population people from different parts of Pakistan have come to settle here
Life in Karachi has its charms and attraction but is has its own peculiar problems too the city is never quiet and throbs with life all through the day all are extremely busy they have a machine life they have no time to stand and stare they work round the clock and find no time to engoy life man has become selfish friendship has lost its charm old values of life are in decline
 When I was a kid the city of Karachi then was really far peaceful clean and less crowded than it is now it is expanding by leap and bound all around to proper city we find suburban localities sprouting without an end fashionable plazas and squares have spring up at every nook and corner of the city individuals in Karachi we find large crowed everywhere for themselves city bazaars look like colours turned in to a city of shopping centres
Karachi is infact a city of problems people face a host of problems at every step transport is so pressing that it effects everyone proper water supply sewerage and sanitation pose another serious problem to the Karachi the supply of power is also inadequate and far from satisfactory
Housing is yet another problem in Karachi the bulk of population is poor and they are the worst effected due to exorbitant rent it is very unfortunate that even after thirty nine years of our independence we have not been able to overcome any of the fore mentioned problems above that we donot get fresh fruits and vegetables here people inhale smoky air this has a very bad sffect on their health in Karachi there are problems everywhere in all walks of life