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Leighton Meester: Is This Face Worth $3 Million? (photos)

Gossip Girl’sLeighton Meester has become a hot commodity in Hollywood, and is fast becoming the leading breakout star from the trendy, but so-so rated television show about Upper East Side Manhattan rich girls.

Most recently, Meester raised eyebrows whenVera Wang selected her as the face of their next fragrance. The company is reportedly paying her $3 million for the two-year contract.
The designer complimented Meester’s “beauty, talent and spirit.”
Meester was supposed to be shooting the first campaign for the perfume with photographer

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,,INTRODUCTION' Different personalities of a woman, the mutual relation of husband and wife-Anatural division of work- Status of womane-Conclusion,
islam recognises of women to be the same as that of man, it claims that both come from the same essence,
In a woman, we find three different personalities_a mother, a wife and a daughter, the position of the mother is very much exalled in islamic tradition, prophet muham,mad [peace be upon him] has gone so far as to say 'para' dise lies underneath the feet of your mothers As regards the position of women as wife the saying of the prophet [peace be upon him]  is categorical, ;the best among you is the one who is daughter, the islamic attitude canbe realised from the reproaches which the holy quran makes against the pagan per-islamic behaviour at the daughters,
ISLAM ENVISAGES a natural division of work between men and through the thick and then of life on life on account of this stronger physique and other attributes, women is entrusted with the onerous task of bringing up the younger generation because of the preponderance of the quality of love and compassion in her  this functional division of work dose not mean that woman  has entirely been excluded from other kinds of activities,
HER MAIN and sacred duties  are to look after the children affairs to bring up children with eaxe to educate the domestic and to act act accoording to the wishes of her THEREFORE, WE MUST ABSTAIN FROM COPYING THE WESTEN CULTURE BLINDLY
husband HOWEVER ISLAM  dose not prevent the woman from serving in various social institutions They may work as teachers doctors murses ect 
THUS we see that islam has greater stress on the domestic duties of a woman Our salvation lies in following the teachings of ialam

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Kangana Ranaut Swimsuit Photos

Marina Orlova, Almost Too Hot for Words, Uses Her Charms to Promote Philology

Who'd have predicted that one of the most popular online video channels on YouTube would focus on something called philology - the study of words and their meaning? But Marina Orlova's HotforWords.com and the link to her hot  Marina Orlova, Almost Too Hot for Words, Uses Her Charms to Promote Philology

YouTube channel has gotten as many as 43 million hits in eight months. One look at her website and it is easy to see why viewers don't mind watching her. Her site is aptly named. Marina is indeed quite attractive or "hot". Her mission, however, is to make people hot for words and not just hot for her. It can be a bit difficult, however, to understand the difference, especially when watching Marina and her teaching methods.

Marina doesn't seem to mind using her physical assets. Her cleavage is often clearly displayed, often in scanty or low-cut clothing, along with her Russian accent, wide smile and her enthusiasm.Her physical and intellectual charms are also displayed at her Hot for Words website Links to her lesson plans and homework. The lessons are real. The homework allows viewers to sign up for report cards and other fun items from Marina.

It can be a bit surprising to hear someone who looks like an attractive model tossing around terms like Pecksniffian and sesquipedalian as easily as other people say, "Huh?" Even better, she actually explains what the words mean. Whether anyone is learning anything is another point. But they are flocking to her website and videos, although whether they are more eager to view the teacher or learn words meanings is unclear. As of this writing, over 74 million people have watched Marina discuss words and their meaning.

Of course, put a scantily clad woman in front of a video camera, one with a site called Hot for Words and you have controversy. But Marina seems bent on proving that she is not just hot... but truly hot for words as well. Being  and intelligent is certainly a contrast to the "dumb blonde" image that seems to be a cultural stereotype. Marina doesn't seem dumb. If anything, she has learned how to make both herself and the study of words quite popular and her strategy seems to be paying off.

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Bank of America Online Banking

Bank of America, the largest U.S. lender, counted 288,000 employees in its annual report for 2010 to securities  the increase in 4000, or 1.4 percent. Wells Fargo, the largest U.S. mortgage lender, increasing the headcount to 4900, or at 1.8 percent, to 272,200, according to its annual report. Bank of America’s workforce has grown by 17 percent in 2009, when Merrill Lynch & Co. was added, and San Francisco’s Wells Fargo declined almost 5 percent .
Banks reported 77 percent revenue growth in 2010, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Improved asset quality and lower loan losses contributed to revenue growth, according to a report last week from Bank of America, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, allocated $ 28.4 billion of 2010 that 41 per cent.

“There was a good talent out there at the right price,” said Eric Moskowitz, directo research in global in Los Angeles Executive Search company Korn / Ferry International. “Many banks have cut quite deep in 2008 and 2009, and they have to staff up.”
AmEx Number of employees

JPMorgan, the second largest bank, may file their annual Form 10-K later today. Data accompanying the fourth-quarter report the company of New York in January showed 239,831 employees, about 8 percent from a year earlier.
American Express, the largest issuer of credit cards by the purchase, increasing its workforce by 2700, or 4.6 percent, to 61,000 in 2010, according to the filing today in the company of New York. In 2009, staff was reduced by 12 percent. Citigroup Inc, the third-largest bank by assets, cut jobs in 5300, or 2 percent, to 260,000 in 2010. In New York, Citigroup reduced, as she recovered from the financial crisis.
Banks are adding staff to help ensure that they are in compliance with new laws such as the Dodd-Frank repairing the financial industry, which took place in July last year, “says Moskowitz. The act creates a consumer bureau at the Federal Reserve System, Board of regulators to monitor companies for systemic risk to the economy and the mechanism for the elimination of large financial firms whose collapse could jeopardize economic stability.

Are Banks Still Marketing on Campus?

While bank reps are no longer crowding the university sidewalks with their tchotchkes and credit card applications this fall due to new rules set forth by the Credit CARD Act of 2009, some students still have the sense that these solicitations are alive and well within arm’s distance. It’s like they never left. And after spending an aggressive $82.4 million pushing plastic on students in 2009, credit card companies appear to remain a vibrant part of the campus makeup, even if just as a figment of students’ imaginations. But Lisa Powers, a Penn State spokesperson, assured me that Bank of America – which has a Penn State-branded card – is no longer marketing its plastic on or near campus. “Bank of America is in full compliance with the student marketing provisions of the Credit Card Act, as well as any campus restrictions and state and federal regulations,” said Powers. “I do believe and hope that all [other banks] are complying.”
On Penn State’s main campus the ghosts of bank reps apparently haunt student pedestrians. While tailgating this weekend at my alma mater, a current PSU student mentioned how he can’t avoid strolling through the streets of campus without being offered t-shirts, mugs and key chains by MBNA (now owned by Bank of America) marketing reps hoping to get him to open a credit card. Nearby students, noshing on turkey chili and Cool Ranch Doritos, concurred.

Me: “Are you sure that’s still happening?”
Alumnus: “Well, I can’t remember if it was this semester or last…”
Me: “You know that’s against the law now, right?”
Alumnus: “Really?”

Mass Media Crashes Bank Parties

Top 10 Banks in the US

  • 1. Bank of America Corp. with headquarters in Charlotte, N.C. and total assets of approximately $1,080,000,000

  • 2. J. P. Morgan Chase & Company with headquarters in Columbus, Ohio and total assets of approximately $1,010,000,000

  • 3. Citigroup with headquarters in New York, N.Y and total assets of approximately $707,000,000

  • 4. Wachovia Corp.with headquarters in Charlotte, N.C. and total assets of approximately $472,000,000The most recent American Bankers Association survey, conducted by Ipsos-Reid, shows how consumers prefer to manage their banking needs:
    It’s official. The growth in the number of consumers who prefer to use Internet banking services has been steady. And now, the percentage of consumers who prefer this method exceeds the percentage of those who would rather walk into a traditional branch to conduct their business.
    • Internet banking 25%
    • Branches 21%
    • ATM 17%
    • Mail 9%
    • Telephone 4%
    • Mobile 1%
    • Unknown 23%
    As bank marketers consider these results,  they may also want to adjust their methods by age group. At least 38% of consumers between the ages of 18-34 and about 25%  between the ages of 35-54 prefer online banking. Consumers over age 55 have the lowest use rate of online banking, coming in at 11% and marks a 5% drop from 2008.
    Curiously, the 2% of consumers between the ages of 35-44 who preferred mobile banking in 2008 no longer selected that option in 2009. And  the 1% of consumers over age 55 who liked mobile banking in 2008 also no longer selected it as their preferred option.  The study did not report on the cause of the change so it’s difficult to tell if those consumers enjoyed the novelty of mobile banking but then shifted back to their old way of banking. However, mobile banking may eventually be more popular with younger consumers, as 1% of the youngest group selected this option as their preferred method in 2009.
    A bank is a financial organization that functions as a depositary and redistributes those funds through various loan mechanisms. Banks chiefly render fiscal services to clients while improving the financialstatus of its investors. There are Governmental that apply to banks and banking institutions regarding the conduct of fiscal related actions, and those regulations do change from time to time and variegate by location. Banks are instrumental in the financial industry and provide various services, to include several investment vehicles and a diverse range of loan options.

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    Dubai Party Pics

    Ladies in London


    Girls That James Bond Hadm With (25 pics)

    Would you Like xs with That Burger?

    Srilankan girls hoty b positions part 3

    When I get Rich, This is the only way I will drink my beer.

    First of all, What is a 9 or 10?
    A 9 or 10 is usually the hottest girls in a particular area. She’s genetically gifted, and also has the style and beauty routines to match her natural looks. She knows how to flirt and leverage her natural gifts to the best of her abilities. She always looks calm and gorgeous in public places.
    First, my current definition of “9s and 10s”. I do have a slight preference towards blondes. I’m not sure why, but that’s just what I am naturally attracted to. Here’s an example:In the world of humans now in 2011, a 10 to me would be someone like Adriana Lima. Obviously, any Victoria’s Secret model would be in high demand. So my scale really is a little bit lower. Let’s scale it back to the average population of a major city like San Francisco.So let me share with you the important game lessons I have learned gaming 9s and 10s that will help you speed up your development curve:
    For the most part, a 10 to me is someone who has very high replication value and long term compatibility with me. For non-girlfriend material, she just has to be easy to get along with and have an overall positive outlook on life.
    Now, the plastics, despite haters still get guys. They do this because they are hitting our male triggers for sexual replication cues via plastic surgery: 
    How to Satisfy Your Desires: First, How Big is Your Flame?
    To me, the ability to date, keep and get girls of this caliber is my goal. The option and freedom to have hot girls as my girlfriend whenever I want to. The out compete the other guys who are going after the same girls.

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    Ammeter shunts Potentiometers

                   Ammeter shunts                                                                                                                                                                             An ammeter shunt is a special type of current-sensing resistor, having four terminals and a value in milliohms or even micro-ohms. Current-measuring instruments, by themselves, can usually accept only limited currents. To measure high currents, the current passes through the shunt, where the voltage drop is measured and interpreted as current. A typical shunt consists of two solid metal blocks, sometimes brass, mounted on to an insulating base. Between the blocks, and soldered or brazed to them, are one or more strips of low temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) manganin alloy. Large bolts threaded into the blocks make the current connections, while much-smaller screws provide voltage connections. Shunts are rated by full-scale current, and often have a voltage drop of 50 mV at rated current. Such meters are adapted to the shunt full current rating by using an appropriately marked dial face; no change need be made to the other parts of the meter.s) which is relevent in the practical manufacturing of circuits using them.                          
    Main article: Potentiometer
    A common element in electronic devices is a three-terminal resistor with a continuously adjustable tapping point controlled by rotation of a shaft or knob. These variable resistors are known as potentiometers when all three terminals are present, since they act as a continuously adjustable voltage divider. A common example is a volume control for a radio receiver.[13]
    Accurate, high-resolution panel-mounted potentiometers (or "pots") have resistance elements typically wirewound on a helical mandrel, although some include a conductive-plastic resistance coating over the wire to improve resolution. These typically offer ten turns of their shafts to cover their full range. They are usually set with dials that include a simple turns counter and a graduated dial. Electronic analog computers used them in quantity for setting coefficients, and delayed-sweep oscilloscopes of recent decades included one on their panels.


    A device used to store charge in an electrical circuit. A capacitor functions much like a battery, but charges and discharges much more efficiently (batteries, though, can store much more charge).

    A basic capacitor is made up of two conductors separated by an insulator, or dielectric. The dielectric can be made of paper, plastic, mica, ceramic, glass, a vacuum or nearly any other nonconductive material. Some capacitors are called electrolytics, meaning that their dielectric is made up of a thin layer of oxide formed on a aluminum or tantalum foil conductor.

    Capacitor electron storing ability (called capacitance) is measured in Farads. One Farad is actually a huge amount of charge (6,280,000,000,000,000,000 electrons to be exact), so we usually rate capacitors in microfarads (uF = 0.000,001F) and picofarads (pF = 0.000,000,000,001F ). Capacitors are also graded by their breakdown (i.e., smoke) voltage. Capacitors rated for lower voltages are generally smaller in size and weight; you don't want to use too low a voltage rating, though, unless you enjoy replacing burnt-out capacitors in your creation.

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    bilateral circuit unilateral circuit Linear circuits :

    bilateral circuit is a circuit that behaves the same way if it is connected in the opposite direction. The term is typically used for components in electrical circuits. For example, a resistor behaves the same way no matter if it's connected left-to-right ot right-to-left. In contrast, a diode is not a bilateral component, because it conducts current in one direction, and does not conduct in the other.
    unilateral circuit it is a circuit in which value of impedance or resistance of element changes with changing the direction of voltage or current.eg. circuit with diodes....
    Linear circuits :

    A linear circuit is an electronic circuit in which, for a sinusoidal input voltage of frequency f, any output of the circuit (the current through any component, or the voltage between any two points) is also sinusoidal with frequency f. Note that the output need not be in phase with the input.
    It is the circuit whose parameters remain constant with change in applied voltage or current.Examples are a resistance, inductance or capacitance.

    Sometimes solving a circuit by KVL and KCL can be a little difficult. What tips/tricks have you gained from solving such circuits? i know that little tricks wont be as helpful as actually practicing, but they will help nonetheless. for example today i discovered it is not a very good idea to go around a loop with current sources. things like that. if you know any good resources that have this kind of information, that would also be helpful. thanks.
    Feb3-09, 02:36 PM
    Sometimes solving a circuit by KVL and KCL can be a little difficult. What tips/tricks have you gained from solving such circuits? i know that little tricks wont be as helpful as actually practicing, but they will help nonetheless. for example today i discovered it is not a very good idea to go around a loop with current sources. things like that. if you know any good resources that have this kind of information, that would also be helpful. thanks.

    I prefer using the KCL method generally, and just label all the nodes and write the current sum equations for each node. Not sure what would be good tips past that... The KVL method is less intuitive for me, and doesn't feel as "physical" as the KCL method.
    Feb3-09, 09:25 PM
    Some tips that might help with KCL:
    -Make your reference node a node that is connected to as many voltage sources as you can to minimized the number of unknown node voltages.
    -Sometimes it might be helpful to outline each node in the circuit (draw a border around the wire of each node). Makes it easier to see and keep track of the number of nodes in a circuit, for me at least.

    Some tips that might help with KVL:
    -I always label the mesh currents going clockwise. Whichever direction you choose to do it in, it might help to always do it the same way to minimizes potential errors.
    -If there is a current source in a loop and its on the outside of that loop (not sharing it with an adjacent loop) then that is the value of that mesh current (one less equation to write