Monday, November 28, 2011


SUN IS NECESSARY of life of man animals and plants but there is alwas a romance about the moon it is simply soothing and refreshing it is pleasing to all with the imaginative poets the moon is the queen of heaven all this show how men like and love moon
On such a moon 1it night I along with a few friends started fora long towards the river side when the moon bates the whole earth with its bright light and weaves a dreamy atmosphere we cannot but be forgetful of our worries and anxieties we then merge ourselves into the delight it offers us
The moon was slowly climbing up in the sky I suddenly remembered a few lines on the moon I asked the moon ARE ou pale for climbing why are you looking at the earth?
The moon looked pale and weary because she was climbing the difficult heights I wished that I were a poet and a painter I could have given a good descriptior of the magic moon light
As we went further we saw house tops covered with the moon light the trees stood silent they looked as it they were in meditation as we passed out of the city there was growing peace and calm we left the noise of the city for behind tall palm trees stood proud in attention they looked like watchmen to guard the peace of the beautiful night we could hear the humming of insects at a distance all of a sudden a dark big could appeared in the sky it came against the moon and covered it completely from our viwe the rest of the sky was flooded with moon light
A persian poet said the moonlight was so beautiful that a cat licked the ground thinking the moonlight to be milk


Monday, November 21, 2011


BY SMOKING THE SMOKER  EXPERIENCES A TEMPORARY FEELING of extreme pleasure but soon become drunken he goes on smoking cigarete and gradually become a slave to the habit and last he is totally destroyed by the curel haabit

The evil of smoking has spread far and wide it is equally comans among the poor as well as rich it is a fashion to smoke the people are fallen a prey to the course and they think it is the best way to sustain their energise and to enable them to forget the bitter realities of life but infact they are runing their health and making the lives of their family miserable

Smoking ruins the smoker physically mentally and moraly at first he smoking for the desire for smoking but he soon find that smoking he become necessity for him the moncurse of smoking has slowly forged a chain that he cannot break now he may fall an easy prey to various diseases like tuberculosis and cancer become the resistance of his body is dangerously lowered it is established that the death rate among smokers is increased manifold than among total abstaincey the results of smoking are far reaching as the enter society is effected all our efforts must be persistently made to eradicate this evil those who have already fallen a prey to it and those who are fortunately safe from smoking should all be shown what fearful results smoking producess

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


DANCE IS DIFFERENT from other fine arts because it combines two great talents and abilities A good dancer must be creative and athletic . Good dancers must be UNSTRUCTURED IN THEIR THOUGHTS MUST BE VERY STRUCTURED IN THEIR WORKOUTS AND REHEARSALS WILLING bined thoes two talents and become famous around the world is alvin aliey
Alvin aliey was born in roberts texas on january 5.1931.every Sunday you could find hime with his mother at true vinc baptist
Outside the biltmore one day Alvin noticed another young man peeking in throught the stage door aliin joined him
IN 1949 not many dance studios accepted blacek students but the lester horton school welcomed anyone who was serious about dancing
THROUGH THE YEARS aliin performed dances by other choreographers as well as his own dances  in 1964 the company went on its first european tour and throught his lifetime ALVIN CREATED 79 BALLERS MANY OF THEM HAVE BEEN PERFORMED BY MAJOR DANCE COMPANIES AROUND THE WORDS INCLUDING AMERICAN BALLET AND THEATER joffrey ballet
Alvin died on decembar 1  1989, Agreat and dancer and choreographer was gone and the new york time worte ;you didn’t need to have known alvey personally to have been touched by his humanity enthusiasm and exuberance and his ideas for brotherhood

Sunday, November 6, 2011


EID-UL-;; IS ONE OF THE MOST important festival of the muslims this festival is celebrated on the 1st of shawal according of the Hijri calander this is an occasion for great rejoicings actually eid-ul fiter is celebrated to offer thinks giving for his mercy and kindness that has anabled us to observe the fasts of ramzan that is way eid alls just after the month of ramzan as every muslim is expected to give fitrana before going out for prayers this days the festival is named as eid-ul-fitr
AS eid-ul-fitr is a special occasion for thinks giving and mercy making preparations for this festival start about a forthinght before the actual date
There is special shoping in the bazaars and the shops are well decorated for this pur[ose every muslim wants to wear his best dress on eid and therefore the crowds of customers as the festival draws nears besides cloth the prices of tody bangles perfumery and good of general merchandise also increase and the moon is sighted in the sky the rejoicings starts children are extremely happy on this occasion because they get special gifts and pocket money on this particular day
EID DAY every muslim starts his preparation the male members of the family change their dress and go to the eidgah where eid prayers are offered after eid prayers peopleeid gifts to young ones the fitrana is given on behalf of the whole family this money is distributed among the poor on the same day
Islam teacnes us to remain within moral limits even on the occasion of merry-making and festivities eid is the best festival of the year

Saturday, November 5, 2011


STUDENTS LIFE IS A temporary paried of mans life bu it is is  of vital importance it is the tinme when the seed of future prosperty and happiness is ti be sown as he will sow at this stage of life so will reap in his later life therefore an ideal student is to cultivate all the good qualities of a man during this time in order to build a happy life
The first duty of an ideal student is study the student continue a class by themselves great responsibilities on them he take up his student with serious neas he does not allow other activity to disurb or to distract
An ideals student close not waste time and energy on trash he seeks the teacher guidance he has faith in the suoerior knowledge of ths teacher an ideal student is not a book-worm he has keen but not blind he selects his reading wisely he has well defined tastes and he develops them with patience and care
An ideal student regards disciplines himself with respect and understanding he disciplines himself he does not go against the the rules of the college he is well behaved and he respects his teachers parents and elders he is helpful and co-operativ in his personal appearance he is neat and clean and simple he is not impudent
An ideal student takes interest in politics but in a limited way he tries his best to understand what is happening in the country and in the world
An intelligent student interests in extracurricular activities general knowledge simplicity and grace these are some of the most important qualities of a ideal student