Saturday, October 22, 2011


I HAVE BEEN great for my country I have it for several different reasons first of all I was borm here it is my motherland I have passed all my life here so it natural for me to love my country
I HAVE been eating the tasty fruits of my country have been become strong because I have eaten its wheat and drunk its water I have taken the milk of its animals I have breathed in its air I love the beautiful flowers in bright colours I smell and observe I like the fine trees on the mountains and hills and in the gardens
I LOVE MY COUNTRY because I am a patriot a person who dose not love his country dose not deserve to live in it move all the places where I passed my childhood move the play grounds where I have played I like the streets in which I have played as a child the rods along which I have walked and run with other children
I HAVE BEEN LIVING with other Pakistanis I have studied and worked with them my friends are all Pakistanis I can only have feeling of love for them
MY COUNTRY IS like a small continent to its south is the sea whose waves strike against a long sea coast in Karachi you have moist climate as it is close to the sea in the inner parts of sind it is dry and hot as we have great deal of desert in baluchistan it is fry and cold in the Punjab it is neither so hot nor so cold parts of the N W F P  are like Eu
I LOVE PAKISTAN BECAUSE IT IS AN ISLAMIC COUNTRY I AM A MUSLIM AND LIKE TO live with muslims I love Pakistan from the hearts I shall always love my country    

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