Wednesday, July 20, 2011

When I get Rich, This is the only way I will drink my beer.

First of all, What is a 9 or 10?
A 9 or 10 is usually the hottest girls in a particular area. She’s genetically gifted, and also has the style and beauty routines to match her natural looks. She knows how to flirt and leverage her natural gifts to the best of her abilities. She always looks calm and gorgeous in public places.
First, my current definition of “9s and 10s”. I do have a slight preference towards blondes. I’m not sure why, but that’s just what I am naturally attracted to. Here’s an example:In the world of humans now in 2011, a 10 to me would be someone like Adriana Lima. Obviously, any Victoria’s Secret model would be in high demand. So my scale really is a little bit lower. Let’s scale it back to the average population of a major city like San Francisco.So let me share with you the important game lessons I have learned gaming 9s and 10s that will help you speed up your development curve:
For the most part, a 10 to me is someone who has very high replication value and long term compatibility with me. For non-girlfriend material, she just has to be easy to get along with and have an overall positive outlook on life.
Now, the plastics, despite haters still get guys. They do this because they are hitting our male triggers for sexual replication cues via plastic surgery: 
How to Satisfy Your Desires: First, How Big is Your Flame?
To me, the ability to date, keep and get girls of this caliber is my goal. The option and freedom to have hot girls as my girlfriend whenever I want to. The out compete the other guys who are going after the same girls.

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