Tuesday, July 26, 2011


,,INTRODUCTION' Different personalities of a woman, the mutual relation of husband and wife-Anatural division of work- Status of womane-Conclusion,
islam recognises of women to be the same as that of man, it claims that both come from the same essence,
In a woman, we find three different personalities_a mother, a wife and a daughter, the position of the mother is very much exalled in islamic tradition, prophet muham,mad [peace be upon him] has gone so far as to say 'para' dise lies underneath the feet of your mothers As regards the position of women as wife the saying of the prophet [peace be upon him]  is categorical, ;the best among you is the one who is daughter, the islamic attitude canbe realised from the reproaches which the holy quran makes against the pagan per-islamic behaviour at the daughters,
ISLAM ENVISAGES a natural division of work between men and through the thick and then of life on life on account of this stronger physique and other attributes, women is entrusted with the onerous task of bringing up the younger generation because of the preponderance of the quality of love and compassion in her  this functional division of work dose not mean that woman  has entirely been excluded from other kinds of activities,
HER MAIN and sacred duties  are to look after the children affairs to bring up children with eaxe to educate the domestic and to act act accoording to the wishes of her THEREFORE, WE MUST ABSTAIN FROM COPYING THE WESTEN CULTURE BLINDLY
husband HOWEVER ISLAM  dose not prevent the woman from serving in various social institutions They may work as teachers doctors murses ect 
THUS we see that islam has greater stress on the domestic duties of a woman Our salvation lies in following the teachings of ialam

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