Tuesday, August 30, 2011


MANNERS IS Quality of a gentil man if we seek to test a gentleman we should see that how he behaves towards his fellow beings it is the manners that make or maketh a man
IF a boor dress himself in a perfect style his boorisbness will not be bide if a person bears a lot of money or he is wealthy it is not necessary that he possess the virtue of good manners if a man is highly educated it is not decessary that he is a gentleman in fact if a person has acquired book-knowledge alone be called educated at all the true purpose of education is to make a perfect gentleman or a lady out of an ordinary male or female, and IF that object is not fulfilled and the male or female remain boorish he or she acquired po education at all but wasted his or her time in the institution.
IT is an old dsying ;.
‘DO unto others as you would have others do unto you;
IF other words we can say that good manners are the result of good nature and well training A man who has the virtues of modesty unselfishness consideration and feelings of others may be called gentleman
MANNERS are most essential for all types of people Either he or she is young or old wealthy or poor Abusinessman in his business a shop keeper in his shop a c;crk in his office a teacher in his institution a doctor in his dispensary a scientist in department will not be successful in their jobs until they possess good manners;

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  1. i like the above sentences about behavior. but sometimes its natural to become rude.....