Tuesday, August 30, 2011


BOOKS ARE the close friends of human being. Of a man In solitude it is faithfull companion of a man IN sorrows and disappointments they provide encouragement to us when they add more happiness to us
BOOKS have a termendous over the minds of its readers IT can change the whole course of life of a person IT provides our society the history of our fore fathers and tells us the evants and incidents of the past ;
BOOKS ARE found on various topice and subjects eg- BIOGRAPHY, Various branches of ccience, Geography , Economice History, PSYCOTOGY and so on Novels and short stories belong to the class of fiction some good novels also present a comprehensive picture of our society, manners and customs of Vaarious classes of people books of poetry are great source of delight, the poems of gay and grave have for years the to come they continue to do so far all times to come they also have ever lasting influence on the minds of the people who have the asthetic sense,
BOOKS ON HISTORY,Biography and science train us for the future judgement, they cultivate good taste in us books are the everlasting friends for a society to bring the poor out of poverty and to make sick forget their sickness books add encumbering vision upon the minds of men
Books are like terasure house A society who has a heap of books is really a wealthy society because books possess the great creasure of knowledge and wisdom,
(1)  They can mould oure  thoughts and ideas in  a particular way and can create valueable influence on us
(2)  It has a very powerful influence over the entire personaliry of human beings
(3)  By following the ideas and teachings of the books sometime an individual become world famous He might becom a great thinker Philosopher  writer social reformer, a great politic figure or even become a saint
(4)  books are indeed the firend of the frienfless and the solactitor of the sad
Hence our society is indebtad of books books have great contributions on the all aspegts of our lives the modern development progress and prosperity is ll due to the influence of books

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