Friday, September 16, 2011


HAVE YOU EVER WATCHED RACCOONS >if SO YOU MIGHT HAVE SEEN THEM WASH THEIR food before they eat it you might wonder way these animals are so neat and clean this unusal habit started long ago with the help of bear and fox .
To feed her hungry cubs. Bear spends hours standing in the stream that runs through the woods she is waiting for a fat fish to swim by then she plunges her head into the water and grabs the fish with her sharp teeth  often it twists and flops cnot a slippery fish
Raccoon raised his head and smiled bear could see the mask on his eyes nope I didn’t see a thing
Bear shrugged her huge shoulders her stomach as she headed back to her den on the way she met fox she asked fox
The next morning bear got up before the sun rose she hurried thourhht the dark wood to get her bag of food but it was gone again just then raccoon wandered by
BEAR FOX SAID I KNOW someone else who likes fish and berries
WHO asked bear fox nodded in the direction that raccoon had gone raccoon bear asked but he asid he didn’t tsee my fish
BEAR sighed What can I do I m busy enough  feeding my cubs I don’t want to feed raccoon too FOX smiled I have an idea  hide another fish tomorrow how can that help bear asked raccoon will just it again
Fox handed her a small  jar of red powder the label sprinkle this
MY MOUNTH raccoon yelled my month its on fire
Bear just smiled and want back to sleep she knew raccoon wouldn’t be stealing any more of her fish

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