Wednesday, September 7, 2011


THERE ONCE LIVED A MIGHTY  WERSTER IN JAPAN. He was quite famous and quite pround of himself for it on this day he was on his way to the capital city to wrestle before the emperor he song to himself as he walked
They mighty wrestler continued down rthe road delighting in the sound of his vice just then he saw a girl carrying a bucket of water
The girl smiled and began to walk taking the mighty wrester with her foever -mountaiiiin tugged and pulled ;let me go ;he pleaded
Iam the famous wrestler forever-mountain I am going to see the emperor’ he was practically in tears
He had very quietly fainted ;poor,feeble man; said the mother the next day the three strong women being making ,
The emperor was most pleased he ordered all of the prize money to be handed to forever-mountain.
;but’ the emperor added ;do not wrestle anymore the other men are on match for you forver-mountain bowed agsin and promised not to wrestle anymore Everybody. Especially the other wrestlers looked relieved
;I think I am better suited to farming in the valley’ forver-mountain said
when maru-me saw him coming she ran down the mountain picked him up and carried halfway up the mountainside then she way
Forever-mountain kept his promise to the emperor and never shakes and rumbles and they say that it is forever-mountains and maru-mes grandmother wrestling in the hidden valley. 

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