Monday, November 21, 2011


BY SMOKING THE SMOKER  EXPERIENCES A TEMPORARY FEELING of extreme pleasure but soon become drunken he goes on smoking cigarete and gradually become a slave to the habit and last he is totally destroyed by the curel haabit

The evil of smoking has spread far and wide it is equally comans among the poor as well as rich it is a fashion to smoke the people are fallen a prey to the course and they think it is the best way to sustain their energise and to enable them to forget the bitter realities of life but infact they are runing their health and making the lives of their family miserable

Smoking ruins the smoker physically mentally and moraly at first he smoking for the desire for smoking but he soon find that smoking he become necessity for him the moncurse of smoking has slowly forged a chain that he cannot break now he may fall an easy prey to various diseases like tuberculosis and cancer become the resistance of his body is dangerously lowered it is established that the death rate among smokers is increased manifold than among total abstaincey the results of smoking are far reaching as the enter society is effected all our efforts must be persistently made to eradicate this evil those who have already fallen a prey to it and those who are fortunately safe from smoking should all be shown what fearful results smoking producess

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