Tuesday, November 8, 2011


DANCE IS DIFFERENT from other fine arts because it combines two great talents and abilities A good dancer must be creative and athletic . Good dancers must be UNSTRUCTURED IN THEIR THOUGHTS MUST BE VERY STRUCTURED IN THEIR WORKOUTS AND REHEARSALS WILLING bined thoes two talents and become famous around the world is alvin aliey
Alvin aliey was born in roberts texas on january 5.1931.every Sunday you could find hime with his mother at true vinc baptist
Outside the biltmore one day Alvin noticed another young man peeking in throught the stage door aliin joined him
IN 1949 not many dance studios accepted blacek students but the lester horton school welcomed anyone who was serious about dancing
THROUGH THE YEARS aliin performed dances by other choreographers as well as his own dances  in 1964 the company went on its first european tour and throught his lifetime ALVIN CREATED 79 BALLERS MANY OF THEM HAVE BEEN PERFORMED BY MAJOR DANCE COMPANIES AROUND THE WORDS INCLUDING AMERICAN BALLET AND THEATER joffrey ballet
Alvin died on decembar 1  1989, Agreat and dancer and choreographer was gone and the new york time worte ;you didn’t need to have known alvey personally to have been touched by his humanity enthusiasm and exuberance and his ideas for brotherhood

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