Sunday, November 6, 2011


EID-UL-;; IS ONE OF THE MOST important festival of the muslims this festival is celebrated on the 1st of shawal according of the Hijri calander this is an occasion for great rejoicings actually eid-ul fiter is celebrated to offer thinks giving for his mercy and kindness that has anabled us to observe the fasts of ramzan that is way eid alls just after the month of ramzan as every muslim is expected to give fitrana before going out for prayers this days the festival is named as eid-ul-fitr
AS eid-ul-fitr is a special occasion for thinks giving and mercy making preparations for this festival start about a forthinght before the actual date
There is special shoping in the bazaars and the shops are well decorated for this pur[ose every muslim wants to wear his best dress on eid and therefore the crowds of customers as the festival draws nears besides cloth the prices of tody bangles perfumery and good of general merchandise also increase and the moon is sighted in the sky the rejoicings starts children are extremely happy on this occasion because they get special gifts and pocket money on this particular day
EID DAY every muslim starts his preparation the male members of the family change their dress and go to the eidgah where eid prayers are offered after eid prayers peopleeid gifts to young ones the fitrana is given on behalf of the whole family this money is distributed among the poor on the same day
Islam teacnes us to remain within moral limits even on the occasion of merry-making and festivities eid is the best festival of the year

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