Monday, November 28, 2011


SUN IS NECESSARY of life of man animals and plants but there is alwas a romance about the moon it is simply soothing and refreshing it is pleasing to all with the imaginative poets the moon is the queen of heaven all this show how men like and love moon
On such a moon 1it night I along with a few friends started fora long towards the river side when the moon bates the whole earth with its bright light and weaves a dreamy atmosphere we cannot but be forgetful of our worries and anxieties we then merge ourselves into the delight it offers us
The moon was slowly climbing up in the sky I suddenly remembered a few lines on the moon I asked the moon ARE ou pale for climbing why are you looking at the earth?
The moon looked pale and weary because she was climbing the difficult heights I wished that I were a poet and a painter I could have given a good descriptior of the magic moon light
As we went further we saw house tops covered with the moon light the trees stood silent they looked as it they were in meditation as we passed out of the city there was growing peace and calm we left the noise of the city for behind tall palm trees stood proud in attention they looked like watchmen to guard the peace of the beautiful night we could hear the humming of insects at a distance all of a sudden a dark big could appeared in the sky it came against the moon and covered it completely from our viwe the rest of the sky was flooded with moon light
A persian poet said the moonlight was so beautiful that a cat licked the ground thinking the moonlight to be milk

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